Automate 100% of Contractor Decisioning

By Mesh on February, 15 2024
Automate 100% of Contractor Decisioning

Freemodel was founded in 2020 with a mission to streamline and improve the residential real estate sale process while giving homeowners a chance to get the maximum possible upside from the sale of their homes.  Freemodel differentiates itself by offering a team of local designers and project managers who act as the main on-site point of contact for agents and clients.

The Opportunity

Frictionless Onboarding and Sustainable Growth

Freemodel works directly with sellers and agents to renovate homes with the goal of maximizing the sale price. To ensure they complete their projects quickly, Freemodel onboards general contractors in advance, and quickly assembles a pre-verified team whenever a renovation is needed.  Their business model hinges on having a large number of pre-verified contractors at their disposal, but the team quickly found that license verification and onboarding was a huge obstacle. To verify a new contractor Freemodel's internal team had to manually guide each company through a lengthy, high-touch verification process. Multiply this by hundreds of contractors each month and there was simply no way to scale their business.  Their manual process also resulted in an unacceptable amount of contractor churn. In a typical month only about 50% of trade partners actually completed the verification process, slowing
company growth and jeopardizing ongoing projects.  To achieve their growth targets the team knew they needed a  better solution to verify, onboard, and manage their contractors.

The Solution

Turn-key Business Verification at Scale

While searching for new contractors on the Houzz marketplace, the Freemodel team noticed that many of the companies had a “verified by Mesh” checkmark next to their name. Intrigued, Freemodel contacted Mesh to learn more about their license verification process. Within 2 days the team at Mesh had created a pilot project to help Freemodel streamline their contractor license verification process.




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