Privacy Principles

Mesh Privacy Principles

When you verify your professional or business identity at any website supported by Mesh, you are trusting Mesh with your data. We get that, and work hard to earn and maintain your trust – which is why we designed our services and technology in a privacy-centric way and with enterprise-grade security standards from the get-go.

When you have a Mesh account, you have the peace of mind that we adhere to some basic, yet important, privacy principles. Here they are – with full transparency, and no mumbo jumbo.

You own your data.

This means you have the ability to stop sharing data with Mesh, the right to have your data returned if you want, and the knowledge that Mesh will protect your data as if it were its own.

Mesh only shares your data with your consent.

This means you authorize which third parties have access to your data – and if you change your mind, we make it easy for third parties to respect your choice. Data transparency is fundamental to how we operate.

‍Your data is not for sale.

This means other companies profit from the sale of your data to advertisers; we don’t. We earn trust and money by charging third parties for the verifications of credentials you consent to have verified with us (such as your professional license when we help you earn a Verified License badge on a marketplace, or access gated products for verified professionals).

‍Privacy comes first.

This means that Privacy has been front and center for us, and we will keep it that way.

‍Thank you for relying on us. Onward and upward!
- The Mesh Team