Your Business Entity Verification Operation Center

The Mesh platform provides a branded user experience and custom workflows powered by a Smart UI that adjusts to end-user input while customers stay connected throughout the identity verification life cycle via the Mesh Hub.


Multiple Signals

  • Business User Identity
  • Documentary Evidence
  • Business Risk
  • Insurance
  • Licenses
  • Real-Time Data

  • 100's of Database Connections
  • Dedicated Agent Review Team
  • 3rd Party Partner Data
  • Mesh Network

  • Enterprise Platform

  • Dynamic Workflow
  • Smart User Interface
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Hosted, Embedded or API
  • Auto Decisioning

  • Privacy By Design

  • Enterprise Data Encryption
  • SOC2 Type II Certified
  • Transparent Policies
  • End-to-end business identity verification

    • Dynamic and Smart UI

      Branded user flows that optimize conversion in real-time based on user choices and risk signals
    • Workflows

      Orchestrate decisions, follow-ups, and notifications throughout the identity lifecycle
    • Verification Support

      Delight entities with end-user verification support provided on your behalf by Mesh specialists.
    • No-code hosted flow

      Get started quickly with a fully hosted solution, or choose to integrate gradually using your preferred method of development.
    • Mesh Hub

      See a complete picture of your verification orders and focus on the areas that need attention.

    Use Cases

    Buyer Verification

    Onboard the right business faster

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    Seller Verification

    Detect repeat offenders and sellers banned from other marketplaces

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    Trust Badges

    Verify business credentials proven to attract more users

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    Contractor Compliance

    Verify and onboard vetted contractors and trade partners

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    95% of verifications completed with real-time data in seconds.  Learn how a leading marketplace did it.

    Hear Mesh's origin story from Diego Asenjo, CEO of Mesh and their unique advantage in the business entity verification.



    Stringent business verification are required to verify more B2B buyers and sellers while stopping fraud at the door.


    Expanding Marketplaces require scaling supply and growth with legitimate entities.

    Home Services
    and Improvement

    Onboarding businesses and trade professional without the risk is foundational to Homes Services and Improvement.

    Construction and
    Property Management

    Accelerating vendor qualification and managing subcontractor compliance are critical to business operations.