Ensure Compliance and Eliminate Risk  

Do you extend trade credit to licensed professionals? Do you partner with your merchants to extend credit to their customers? Many trades and professions depend on their licensure to do business.  Manual verification introduces friction to end users, risks to the business and administrative overhead.


Streamline your operations and safeguard your business with transparent and efficient professional license verification.  Make compliance and risk management your competitive differentiator. 


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POS Financing


A quality merchant can help you extend credit to underserved pockets of customers. You can’t shake hands with every borrower, but your channel partners can.  Scalable and frictionless third-party risk and compliance controls will give your business an edge in the marketplace.   


And verifying that their professional license is in good standing ensures that your merchant is qualified and trustworthy.  This creates a secure and reliable ecosystem for both the financing company, the merchant and consumers.



Is the merchant in good standing?

A professional license must be current and active.  Every license has an expiration date and their status can change.

Is the business legitimate?

Confirming the legitimacy and legal status of a business is critical.  Is your merchant who they say they are?

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

Verification of COI status should be done by the carrier or the provider.  Adequate coverage should be assessed and status should be monitored.

SMB Lending


Small businesses in the home services, pro beauty, and medical professions rely on their licensure to do business. 

Appropriate risk and compliance controls allow you to safely extend credit to small and medium-sized businesses.  Alternative data, such as professional licenses ensures that businesses have the necessary authorization to operate, promoting regulatory compliance and quality standards. 

Business identity verification confirms the legitimacy and legal status of these businesses, reducing the risk of lending to fraudulent entities.   

Insurance verification protects the lender from potential liability issues, ensuring that businesses are adequately covered and financially stable.



Does the professional have the licenses for their services?

Not all license requirements are the same and can vary by state or professional.  In some cases, sub-classification can exist making verification more complex.

Are they a registered entity?

SMBs come in many forms and sizes.  Verifying their legitimate business status is crucial for compliance and future audit requirements.

Are you protected?

Protecting the lender from potential liability is absolutely critical.  Verification and monitoring insurance status is a critical part managing future risk.

Equipment Rentals


Equipment rental services provide businesses and individuals with  access to machinery, tools, and equipment for various projects. This includes construction machinery, medical devices, IT equipment, and more, offering a cost-effective alternative to purchasing expensive items.


Professional license verification ensures compliance with industry regulations and enhances the reliability and reputation of the rental service. It also protects both the rental company and the clients by reducing liability and ensuring that equipment is used properly and responsibly.





Is the authorized service providers verified?

Your ecosystem is dependent on authorized providers in good standing.  Verification and monitoring of this status are critical.

Enhance Trust with Legitimate Partners

The business identity and the legitimacy of your partners is foundational step in ensuring trust.  

Reducing Integrated Service Financial Risk

It is not enough that your business has adequate insurance coverage. Managing risks from uninsured or underinsured integrated partners must be a standard operating procedure.

Trade Credit


For SMBs, trade credit is a crucial lifeline that enables them to compete with larger companies and build strong relationships between suppliers and buyers. 


Before extending credit, providers need to effectively manage contractor legitimacy, verify current license standing and confirm that the pros have adequate insurance coverage.





Reducing Construction Project Risks

Verifying that construction professionals hold valid licenses that are in good standing confirms their ability to perform work legally and competently, reducing project risks.

Confirming Adequate Insurance Coverage

Ensuring contractors have sufficient insurance protects against potential liabilities and financial losses, safeguarding both the supplier and the client.

What our customers have to say!

With Mesh we went from 100% manual decisioning to 90%+ automated decisioning.  Mesh also now handles all of our escalations and manual reviews, so 100% of our verifications go through Mesh.  We estimate that we’ve saved roughly the equivalent of .5 FTEs/year in manual review resources and created a better and faster onboarding experience for our trade partners.

Jesse Linderman

Co-founder, Chief Product Officer

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