Verify Trustworthy Business Identities without the risk


Navigating a myriad of business entity identities of buyers, sellers, trade partners, suppliers, contractors, etc., while managing risk, is a growing business challenge. Our automated, customizable, and radically accurate business entity verification is the modern solution for onboarding legitimate businesses and stopping fraud.

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Stringent business verification are required to verify more B2B buyers and sellers while stopping fraud at the door.


Expanding Marketplaces require scaling supply and growth with legitimate entities.

Home Services
& Construction

Onboarding businesses and trade professional without the risk is foundational to Homes Services and Construction.

Property Management

Accelerating vendor qualification and managing subcontractor compliance are critical to business operations.


Business Verify

Does this business exist and is it a legitimate business entity?  With Business Verify you can confirm business name, address, and tax id.  Mesh will match a combination of data from authoritative data sources and the Mesh Data Network and report on any minor or major mismatches.  Verifications include the following:

  • Email/Phone Verify
  • Business Name Verification
  • Business Address
  • Tax Identification (EIN and SSN)
  • Business Website
  • Continuous Secretary of State and Sanctions Monitoring
  • Custom Notifications
  • Business Wizard - Requires Dynamic UI
  • Optional: W-9 E-signature
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License Verify

License Verify answers critical questions: Is this business licensed? What type of license does it hold? Are these business licenses currently active, and can notifications be provided if the licenses become inactive? Validate professional licenses nationwide with a single API including the following:

  • Email/Phone Verify
  • License Number
  • Issuing State
  • Licensee Name
  • License Type
  • License Status
  • License Expiration Date
  • License Issue Date
  • Continuous License Monitoring
  • Custom Notifications
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Insurance Verify

Track insurance status and coverage in real-time.  Insurance Verify addresses whether a business is insured and if its status is still valid. Mesh automates the process of contacting insurance agents to verify the certificate of insurance (COI) details from valid insurance providers.  Verifications include the following:

  • Email/Phone Verify
  • Insurer Name
  • Insurer NAIC
  • Policy Number
  • Policy Type
  • Policy Status
  • Effective Date
  • Policy Limit
  • Continuous Insurance Status Monitoring
  • Custom Notifications

Business Risk

Access the latest insight about business status.  Business Risk empowers companies to efficiently search for judgments, litigations, bankruptcy filings, and liens associated with any entity. This powerful tool enables informed decision-making, helping you mitigate potential risks and safeguard your business relationships.  Verifications include the following:

  • Email/Phone Verify
  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • TAX Identification (EIN and SSN)
  • UCC Liens
  • Tax Liens
  • Bankruptcies
  • Continuous Business Risk Monitoring
  • Custom Notifications

Use Cases

Buyer Verification

Onboard the right business faster

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Contractor Compliance

Verify business credentials proven to attract more users

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Seller Verification

Detect repeat offenders and sellers banned from other marketplaces

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95% of verifications completed with real-time data in seconds.  Learn how a leading marketplace did it.

Trust Badges

Verify business credentials proven to attract more users

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Hear Mesh's origin story from Diego Asenjo, CEO of Mesh and their unique advantage in the business entity verification.

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