Are your Trade Partners and your Subcontractors verified?

Trade partners bring specific skills and often participate in multiple projects. The qualifications of these trade partners are paramount to the business relationship. Similarly, in construction, a critical concern is maintaining subcontractor compliance, focusing on the validity of their licenses and their adherence to industry standards.




Stringent business verification are required to verify more B2B buyers and sellers while stopping fraud at the door.


Expanding Marketplaces require scaling supply and growth with legitimate entities.

Home Services
and Improvement

Onboarding businesses and trade professional without the risk is foundational to Homes Services and Improvement.

Construction and
Property Management

Accelerating vendor qualification and managing subcontractor compliance are critical to business operations.

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Qualify Trade Partners

Verification of trade partners status is crucial in establishing a trustworthy and proficient business relationship. This process ensures that partners are not only qualified but also align with legal and industry standards, vital for maintaining project integrity and reputation.  Factors to consider are:

  • Can you verify their expertise of their trade?
  • Do they have a track record of consistency and quality of service?
  • Are they following industry regulations and standards?
  • Is their business in good financial standing?
  • Can they provide customer testimonials or references?
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Verify Subcontractors Status

Ensuring subcontractor compliance in construction is essential for managing risk, maintaining quality, and adhering to legal requirements. The process begins with thorough verification and extends to continuous monitoring of their licensing, safety standards adherence, and compliance with industry-specific regulations  Organization should:

  • Develop process for current and ongoing licenses
  • Regular check for adherence to safety standards and practices
  • Validate insurance status and coverage
  • Conduct periodic audits in-line with industry standards.


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