Product Demo Day with Peak iDV

By Mesh on May, 13 2024
Product Demo Day with Peak iDV

Hi, my name is Tony Bryan, and I am the Chief Technology Officer here at Mesh. I'm going to show you today our multi-factor verification product. Particularly, how you can get up and running with Mesh with no code required in just a matter of minutes. Our product builds customized workflows for our customers. The types of verifications we support in this workflow could include professional license verification, business entity verification against the Secretary of State, tin number checks, and certificate of insurance verification.


You can think of all these verification types as Lego bricks or building bricks that you can assemble into a customized workflow to suit your business use case. The example I'm going to show you here is a workflow for a fictitious company called Circle, which we use for demo purposes. Circle is a home services marketplace where consumers go to find verified professionals to work on their homes. Circle has asked Mesh to build a workflow that verifies business identity and professional license. What I'm showing you here is a dynamically generated user interface for Circle, based off that workflow we built for them.

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This interface is not custom coded for Circle; it's all created through configuration and can be set up in minutes. The URL for this form can have a customer-specific alias, something business-friendly like Circle onboarding. It's a human-readable URL that you can send out to professionals you want to get verified. They click on it and arrive at this form. This dynamically generated form is mobile-ready, and you can embed it in your website or behind a logged-in experience.


The first screen gives the individual some information about what they're about to go through. I'm here as a general contractor or an electrician wanting to list on the Circle home website. Mesh doesn't sell data and takes security and privacy very seriously.


The first step is that every individual or business that goes through a Mesh verification has a unique account. So we'll go ahead and register an email address with Mesh, and in the background, I'm sent a one-time passcode to verify that I own this email account.


We're into the flow. This screen is the first of the two building blocks Circle selected for their workflow—the business verification building block. I'll enter a real-life example: a company name, address, and a tax identification number, which will be verified against the IRS. We also collect a website, which isn't verified but is just there for information, and we make it clear which jurisdiction we're working in, in this case, Florida.


The next step is professional license verification. We ask for the name on the license again because many with professional licenses have different licensee names than their business registration. This person is a general contractor. I submit and that's how quick and easy it is for a professional with limited time to get their data into the system and kick off the verification.


While we wait for the verification to come through—this is a real verification taking about 60 seconds—I want to show you some of the email verifications we send to these professionals. Mesh takes care of reaching out to help them through the process if that's what you want. Circle wants us to handle getting professionals through the flow.


You might receive an email indicating a problem with verification, such as a non-compliant insurance policy or an inactive professional license. We also continuously monitor licenses and other verifications so that you know the businesses you work with are always in good standing.

Once issues are fixed, an updated email confirms compliance. We've had feedback from professionals grateful for the notification, as they had no idea their license had been suspended or expired.

Let's check if our verification has come through. There it is, successfully verified. That took about 60 to 90 seconds.


Mesh is the only real-time B2B verification API for professional licenses, insurance coverage, and SMB legitimacy. 


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