Automated Pro Beauty Buyer Verification and License Monitoring

Pro Beauty Ecommerce organizations need to balance business buyer onboarding while checking the boxes for license verification, compliance and diversion prevention.  Companies often default to manual verifications that do not scale, resulting in churn and loss of revenue.


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Pro Beauty Buyer Onboarding

Pro Beauty buyers increasingly expect the convenience and speed that are commonplace for consumers, especially when they have a high intent to purchase and need to solve a specific problem. If they are forced to wait 24+ hours to complete their purchase, many simply search for the products elsewhere.

When verifications are not immediate at a Fortune 50 Ecommerce Company, roughly 50% of users churn and never convert to spending buyers. Mesh consistently drives an additional 5-10% top-line conversions.


Manual Operations

Using a large team to handle manual verifications is expensive and prone to errors and delays. Verifications typically take at least one business day from prospect click to verification but could take longer if inaccurate information was provided, or the verification was escalated, which required input from senior team members and pulled them away from other critical projects.

Monitoring - how do you ensure that you stay in compliance? What happens if their license expires? Want to receive a notification before a license expires? Even better, take it off your plate altogether with Mesh Verify. Reduces time spent preparing for audits.

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“Excellent professional experience with Mesh services & their team. Their verification service helps us in validating the credentials of stylist & salon professionals in a flash. The verification smoothly integrated in our UI. The entire process, from initial meet-and-greet to after sales support is extremely professional, prompt & well organized. Hats off to the entire team for providing a great customer experience. Would highly recommend Mesh Services!

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