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A verified business identity is one of the most important attributes of a successful trade partner risk management.  A Pros license verification, certifications and professional affiliations ensure legal and industry compliance.  Ongoing quality monitoring is essential to uphold standards and regulatory compliance.




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Managing and verifying sole proprietors LLCs or trade partner organizations is pivotal to meeting delivery deadlines and managing the scope of projects.  Business identity verification is a time consuming and labor-intensive process but it’s critical to uphold standards and regulatory compliance.  Strategies include:

  • Confirming professional licensing and accreditation
  • Validating experience and specialization
  • Conducting background checks and legal compliance
  • Checking reputation and client reviews
  • Verifying financial stability and insurance

What our customers have to say!

I went through a random L&I audit and had a subcontractor slip. They were licensed in my 2019 audit, but the license lapsed soon after and I got fined thousands of dollars. With Mesh I get notified when a license is revoked or expires so I can avoid costly penalties. The peace-of-mind is invaluable.

Sam Alhadeff

Owner | Alhadeff Group L.L.C.

Mesh provided the solution I had been searching for! Working with the Mesh team to establish our verification process was a breeze. Moreover, the personal and comprehensive attention to our always changing needs has helped create clarity in an otherwise ambiguous process.  10 out of 10 recommend!

Adrian Raskulinecz

Head of Operations | Freemodel

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Detect repeat offenders and sellers banned from other marketplaces

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Verify business credentials proven to attract more users

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