If your vendors or subcontractors are not verified, the business owns the risk


Reduce the risk and maintain visibility of your vendor status.  Unverified subcontractors can void your general liability policy and expose your business to significant risks.  A past verified status does not translate into being complaint today.  



Onboard vendors and automate contractor compliance


In property management and construction, prioritizing vendor and subcontractor license compliance is key to maintaining high standards of quality and reliability in projects. This rigorous verification process, while labor-intensive, is essential for eliminating compliance risks and maintaining standards. It plays a crucial role in building trust among buyers and ensuring the overall success of the business.

Licensing and accreditation

Confirm that sellers have valid constructions licenses, certifications and any required accreditations.

Financial stability

Assess the financial health of sellers to ensure they are capable of managing and completing projects.

Legal and Ethical Compliance:

Check for any past legal disputes and adherence to ethical business practices.

Insurance and Bonding

Ensure that sellers have appropriate insurance and bonding for risk management.

Use Cases

Contactor Compliance

Verify and onboard vetted contractors and trade partners

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Seller Verification

Detect repeat offenders and sellers banned from other marketplaces

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Trust Badges

Verify business credentials proven to attract more users

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